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What is the Snug Club

We’re here to help busy parents like you. If you find the stress of organizing childcare before and after school too much, and the school holidays have you tearing your hair out, we can help.

We can help you look after your children when their school can’t — in the early mornings, after school, and during the holidays. Our staff are all qualified to the legally required standard, and undergo extra training in important areas such as safeguarding children and first aid — areas where we believe it is vital to go the extra mile.

Snug Club Activities


We plan daily activities for our after school and holiday clubs to keep your children entertained and active.

These include arts and crafts, sports, board games, cooking, playing games consoles and gardening.

Snug Clubbers also get involved in science experiments, and we take the children on an excursion most days too!

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What is the Snug Club

We provide nutritious meals and snacks for your children. We plan healthy breakfasts and lunches, while hot and cold snacks are freshly prepared each day.

We follow Annabel Karmel’s recipes to make sure the children eat plenty of good stuff, giving them all the energy they need to enjoy our packed programme of activities!

After School Club

Starting at 7.30am, we can take the strain of your morning routine, providing a safe, fun environment for your child and even dropping them to their school gates in time for their lessons.

We offer a healthy and nutritious breakfast for your child, with toast, fruit and a variety of cereals available.

Holiday Club @ The Snug Club

Once your child has finished school, we can pick them up and bring them to our after school club. We run a range of activities to educate and stimulate, including exercise and dance classes, gardening and recycling, indoor and outdoor games, cooking and a weekly outing.

If you want, we can also set quieter spaces aside for children to complete any homework they may have — meaning that
you can concentrate on quality family time from the moment you pick them up.

Holiday Club

We believe that school holidays should
be fun as well as educational, and we run a range of programmes that are designed
to stimulate your child while keeping them entertained.

Our holiday club members should expect to return home at the end of each day full of excitement about what they’ve been up to.

Alongside educational trips to museums, the zoo and the aquarium, we organise outings to the cinema, bowling alley and the crazy golf course — meaning plenty of opportunities to make lasting memories.

We also play host to the emergency services during the summer, with visits from the fire brigade, ambulance service and police force all helping your children stay streetwise as well as to have fun.

We have loads of fun at the Snug Club and we love to share our fun activities and days out around Bangor with our friends – so what better way to spread the word than a FREE invitation to one of your child’s best friends!

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