Help raise the aspirations of local children on an educational trip to Florida

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At Snuggles, we believe that all young people deserve the chance to grow and develop by providing lasting memories that will transform their lives.

That’s why Snuggles and our owner, Laura Sykes, are funding an educational trip for local young people with fewer opportunities, to help change the way they shape their future. As a young teenager Laura experienced similar opportunities that she believes changed her journey.

The aim of the trip is to help them raise their aspirations outside their usual environment, seeing what the world has to offer while learning valuable life skills.

The children will be on an educational school tour to Florida which has so many settings that are ideal for learning, memory making and community learning. They will work with experts on topics such as decision making, planning, problem solving, leadership and effective communication – all aimed at increasing their independence and enhancing their creativity. Snuggles are funding flights, accommodation and transport, while the Education Authority is showing its support by funding food and other necessary experiences. However fundraising is still required for an extra memorable experience for recreational activities.

To make this happen, we’re holding regular fundraising events, and asking people to contribute their bit.

The HOPE project aims to help these young people by providing opportunities to empower them by broadening their horizons.

Support our cause through the power of crowdfunding for our charity. You have an opportunity to give these children Hope, and a Future!

Help change a life today. Contribute now & make a difference….


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Date, Time and Venue
  • 24th May 2022 - 31st August 2022
  • 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Florida,