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Enjoy the Holidays with The Snug Club!

We believe that school holidays should be fun as well as educational, and we run a range of programmes that are designed to stimulate your child while keeping them entertained.

We also play host to the emergency services during the summer, with visits from the fire brigade, ambulance service and police force all helping your children stay streetwise as well as to have fun.
Activities @ the Snug Club?

We plan daily activities for our after school and holiday clubs to keep your children entertained and active. These include arts and crafts, sports, board games, cooking, playing games consoles and gardening. They also get involved in science experiments, and we take the children on an excursion most days too!

  • Years Old 5-12 Years
  • Class Size 16
  • Class Duration 7:30 am - 18:00 am (half days available)
  • Transportation Available
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Tea Packed Lunch Required
  • Room Staff • 1 Nursery Supervisor, up to 3 Nursery Assistants (Ratio 1:8)
  • Half Days Available £33 (Mornings) £33 (Afternoons)
£45 per day
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