Caring for your babies, in your routine

Our baby room cares for children from three months to two years old. While they’re in the baby room, we follow whatever routine they are used to – after all, no-one knows your baby better than you. We’ll let them sleep and feed at times that suit them and, as they get older, we will gradually begin to introduce more structure to their day – eating and sleeping at similar times, for example.

When it comes to food, we blend meals for our littlest ones to help them eat easier, and we tailor each baby’s menu to their specific needs rather than serving them all the same. This means each baby is given food that contains vitamins, minerals and textures that are appropriate to them as they begin to develop their ability to chew and swallow.
Sharing Stories and Fun

We love reading stories and looking at pictures with your little ones, so there’s a cosy corner where we can explore books together, providing a little of oasis of calm for taking things a little slower and having some calm time.

We’ll also start to teach children about looking after themselves, such as helping them to wash their hands before eating or after messy activities, so that they start their journey towards independence.

loving a snuggles!always having fun
Feedback and Development

Every day, your child’s activities will be logged on our Nursery Pal app. That means you can see at a glance what they’ve been up to – what they’ve had to eat, how long they’ve spent asleep, and what adventures and activities they’ve been enjoying. If you’d rather, you can receive the same information on a sheet of paper at the end of the day instead – whatever works best for you.

We know that you’ll be keen to keep track of how your little one is developing, so we’ll give you a full written report once a year, and we’ll meet with you every three months to talk you through their progress folder. If there’s anything you want to know about your child’s time with us outside of those opportunities, we’re always happy to arrange a meeting to share what they’ve been up to and how they are coming along.

  • Years Old 3 Months - 2 Years
  • Class Size 11
  • Class Duration 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Transportation Not Available
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Tea Included
  • Room Staff • 1 Nursery Supervisor, up to 3 Nursery Assistants (Ratio 1:3)
  • Half Day Rates £33
£45 per day
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