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After School fun with friends

Once your child has finished school, we can pick them up and bring them to our after school club. We run a range of activites to educate and stimulate, including exercise and dance classes, gardening and recycling, indoor and outdoor games, cooking and a weekly outing.

If you want, we can also set quieter spaces aside for children to complete any homework they may have — meaning that you can concentrate on quality family time from the moment you pick them up.
What is the Snug Club?

We’re here to help busy parents like you. If you find the stress of organizing childcare before and after school too much, and the school holidays have you tearing your hair out, we can help.
We can help you look after your children when their school can’t — in the early mornings, after school, and during the holidays.

Our staff are all qualified to the legally required standard, and undergo extra training in important areas such as safeguarding children and first aid — areas where we believe it is vital to go the extra mile.

  • Years Old 5-11 Years
  • Class Size 16
  • Class Duration 14:00/ 15:00 pm - 18:00 pm
  • Transportation Available
  • Snack and Tea Included
  • Room Staff • 1 Nursery Supervisor, up to 3 Nursery Assistants (Ratio 1:8)
  • Session Times Start at 2pm (£24) or 3pm (£22)
£24/£22 per session
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