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Colette Archer

The new owners have gone out of their way to try to make improvements and engage with parents and are really keen to seek out suggestions. Having used another nursery before, the thing I value most about Snuggles is that I feel that my children get plenty of exercise - out and about on walks etc. I find all the staff to be very personable and feel that they know me as a parent, but more importantly, know my children well. The only thing I would have any query with is the charging structure - do after school children have the same cost base as babies? I don't know but intuitively it feels as though younger children would cost more to look after than older children (because of the child to worker ratio / lunches etc) so surely there should be a charging differential. Otherwise, am very happy with my children being at Snuggles.

Charlene Turner

Great girls. Great welcome every day. Great update end of the day. My son enjoys the daily activities in afterschool. The nursery has been redecorated and filled with new learning tools for all ages. Highly recommended. Also my son gets high tea and is encouraged to try each time

Paula Stevens

I am extremely happy with the care that both my children are receiving at Snuggles. The creative play is fantastic, I love that each month they have a new topic to keep them interested and learning about the world around them. I find all the staff approachable and truly interested in my children's welfare and development. The new menu sounds delicious and the addition of High Tea really helps when picking them up late.

Nicola Macauley

My daughter loves her nursery and talks about her friends and the staff all the time. If she is happy I am happy. I am confident they do a great job with all the children in keeping them safe and giving them the best possible start to learning all the skills needed regarding learning, socialising and gaining independence.

Adele Mccormick

I have 3 children who attended Snuggles 1 in the baby room and 2 who attended in holiday times and they all absolutely love going! My youngest who is 22 months just goes straight in for a cuddle with the girls every morning and doesn't look back. Which is great because I have no worries in leaving her as you can tell how much she loves it. My eldest 2 talk about Snuggles all the time and really look forward to the school holidays so they can go back. Their school holidays are so much better now as they are so busy doing fun activities in Snuggles while I work and the bonus for me is they are tired when I get them back and I never hear "I'm bored" anymore! All the girls are absolutely amazing with the kids and are always happy to see them.

William Ellison

I have found the staff extremely helpful in all areas of my son's development and would have no problem in recommending the nursery. The staff have been outstanding, as simple as that.

Amy Lucas

Excellent nursery with attitude of constant improvement. A warm and welcoming environment, my children only attend one day each week but are welcomed like family each time! My children adore all the staff and I know the staff adore my children too.

Ilana Kaiser-Mulligan

I am extremely pleased with everything about Snuggles Nursery. I never thought I would find someone to look after my children like I do! The staff are extraordinarily friendly, helpful, caring and competent. It is a huge joy to drop my children off to a group of people what will ensure they are fed, happy and developing. I can't describe my relief to walk away and see that my children don't want to come with me, this fact speaks for them. They love to be in Snuggles!

Yannie Mahood

Snuggles Day Nursery Bangor is an amazing nursery, fabulous and attentive staff with wonderful premises. My baby is 9 months old, has never been to any toddler/baby groups and I will soon be going back to full-time work in a new role. I was extremely nervous to start my baby in nursery but understood that it was the right time. I started my baby 2 weeks before my start date and all the staff at Snuggles was extremely understanding of this transition period for my baby and I - the settling-in period they held for me was comforting and valuable. My baby loves it at Snuggles, she has made so many new friends and the staff love her. I didn't need to be nervous at all! One of the things I love most about Snuggles is the private app they have where they show my baby's progress throughout the day including photos and it lets me see what she is up to and what she has done during the day. I cannot recommend Snuggles enough!

Kris King

We recently moved our child to Snuggles from another local nursery and couldn’t be happier with the decision! From the moment we arrived everyone was so welcoming and caring. With fingerprint security and separate outdoor areas for each age group, I know he is safe and well looked after. There is also a wide range of activities to keep him amused both inside and on trips and we can keep up to date with the app of how his days gone. Couldn’t recommend the place enough and can’t wait to send our other little one to Snuggles!

Clare Russell

My 9-month son has started going to the nursery and my partner and I are both delighted with the nursery and the staff. Our son is developing very well by attending the nursery and is always extremely happy. The staff are all lovely and friendly and I've no hesitation in recommending Snuggles.

Aindrea Phillips

My daughter recently started and they have been fantastic, ensuring that a routine that suits everyone is established. The girls are fantastic and so gentle with my daughter and she comes home to me with a full belly! I noticed after a couple days new sounds and that she was a lot more steady on her feet. The app is brilliant, I can check in to see what she has been up to and all the photos of her playing, doing different activities and my favourite - selfies with the staff. Really impressed with this nursery and all the staff, I have been in contact with all and they seem to have such a caring nature.

Paula Hawkes

All staff smile when greeting me and my granddaughter even the staff who look after older children know her name. The app is fantastic because you can see throughout the day all the activities, food toileting, sleeping has been done by my granddaughter. She is happy coming to nursery that is because of the warm atmosphere, kindness, caring. I trust the staff they are so lovely. She has thrived being here and enjoys all the attention, stimulation, cuddles, positive attitudes, genuine interest all the time every day. Security fingerprint entry, smells clean.

Neil McMillan

My daughter started in Snuggles a few months ago and was quite unsettled at first. The staff in the baby room, along with the manager, helped me to get my daughter settled and happy over the course of a few weeks. She now loves going to nursery. My wife and I cannot thank the staff at Snuggles enough, they have been brilliant and very understanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending Snuggles to anyone looking for first class childcare for their little ones.

Michelle Napier

My daughter recently started Snuggles when I went back to work following maternity leave. I was very anxious about leaving her but I needn't have worried! She absolutely loves Snuggles and so do I! She settled so quickly and when we get there in the mornings she points excitedly to go in and to me that says it all. There is a wide range of toys for the babies to play with and the activities the staff do with them keep them entertained all day - so far my daughter has painted, baked buns and had messy play with shaving foam to name a few! They also get out for walks regularly and have even had a picnic with their afternoon snack! The food my daughter gets is nutritious and she comes home with a full belly and a big smile. The app is fantastic and the staff keep it well updated so I can see pictures, know what she has eaten, what she has been doing and when she has had her nappy changed. The staff are lovely and make you feel completely at ease from the minute you walk through the door.

Clare Mulholland

I cannot recommend Snuggles highly enough! My daughter started there over a year ago when she was 6 months old. I was really nervous about her starting but the girls in the baby room and the manager were amazing and really put my mind at ease. They post lots of updates and pictures on the app which is really reassuring. My daughter loves it at Snuggles, there is a great variety of activities and the staff are so friendly and caring. I would definitely recommend Snuggles Day Nursery!

Cathy Bell

I had to change nurseries for my little boy as his one closed. As soon as I looked around Snuggles, I fell in love with it. The staff are amazing and so friendly. My little boy has allergies and they go above and beyond for him. He kicks his legs and waves his arms with excitement when we pull up for our day. Best nursery by far.

Heather Cooling

The staff are so lovely and make you feel right at home. My little boy is 7 months and would not go to anyone, new he loves everyone and mummy just loves stalking the app.

Becci McGrattan

My two children attend snuggles and they are thriving! We had to change nursery suddenly and I immediately got a great feeling about Snuggles from the show around. I am so glad we picked there. It is bright and clean, staff are amazing, they really take the time to get to know your child and their individual needs. The love and affection shown by them is heart warming. My youngest child has sensory issues and they have really helped her settle well and given her confidence to explore textures. We had some initial problems with our eldest child as he struggled to settle in, but with the support from staff, especially the manager, he is now back to himself and always has so much fun. The school drop-offs and pickups are invaluable. Thank you Snuggles.

Ciara Commins

We moved to Bangor in September from Scotland so I was really nervous about the transition for my 2-year-old son but Snuggles has made the process so much easier for him (and for me). He settled in extremely well and now runs in the door in the morning giving everyone hugs. The staff and manager are wonderful, they obviously love children and their jobs. My little boy chats about them all the time at home. The nursery is really well run, very professional and homely, each room has it's own garden, they send out a monthly newsletter with details of what themes each room will be looking at that month and highlights from the previous month. The app is amazing, pretty much a live feed of what my son is up to including photos, what he eats, when he sleeps etc, it's wonderful. Overall we're very very happy with Snuggles and would definitely recommend it as a nursery.

Toni Ferguson

I honestly can’t recommend Snuggles enough! I was very nervous going back to work after spending every day with my son for just over a year and they put me straight at ease! The staff are so lovely and you can tell my son loves them! The effort they put into providing the children with plenty to do is amazing and I love that they have little day trips out. It’s great knowing my son isn’t just getting looking after but he’s learning from such a young age of under 2! They provide lots of information on how your child is getting on so you don’t feel like you’re missing out as much in work. We have had to phone in last minute a few times for our son to get looked after and we really appreciate how they’ve been more than accommodating to get us sorted. They’re a brilliant wee nursery and I’m so so happy we found them!

Jacqueline Montgomery

Snuggles have been fab with my son since he started. He loves going and the staff are all so good with him. He needed extra help for a while and they were so accommodating. Going above and beyond for him. Highly recommend to anyone.

Chris Thompson

Daughter started going to Snuggles Day Nursery Bangor in September 19 and has enjoyed every day. She has loads of stories to tell me about the nice food she gets and the activities she does each day. Lovely staff and very friendly.

Lorna Smyth

I never thought I’d find somewhere that would show my baby girl the love and affection that she gets at home, but Snuggles Day Nursery proved me wrong. My daughter was welcomed with open arms, the staff are amazing, not only do they treat my daughter like family, they treat me like part of that family too. My daughter has become a social butterfly since starting the nursery and she is so happy and content and to me, that means the world. The staff are so attentive and from the moment you walk in the doors you know that your child is going to have a day full of fun and adventure. I know in my heart that choosing Snuggles was the best decision I made, not only for my daughter but myself.

Claire Wright

Review: I am absolutely in love with Snuggles Day Nursery! When we moved from overseas, finding safe, friendly, and stimulating daycare for my son was both a priority and concern. As soon as my husband and I visited Snuggles, we immediately knew we had found the right place. The staff are so friendly, welcoming, and professional that the nursery feels just like home. Our son thrives at Snuggles and is always happy when we get there - he can’t wait to crack on playing with his toys and the other children. The staff give him lots of care and attention which he loves. As well as the quality of the care, I would also highlight the excellent administration of the nursery, everything runs very smoothly and communication is excellent. Snuggles is such a friendly, happy nursery, and I am delighted to recommend it to any prospective parent!

Emma Smyth
Ella and Alice’s Mum

My daughter started with Snuggles last month. They were so welcoming and the staff are all so friendly. From the first moment, they made us feel so relaxed even in the settling in period. My daughter settled in no time and absolutely loves spending her days there. She is improving so much even for being so young. The communication the nursery provides daily about your child is so reassuring. I would definitely recommend to any parent considering putting their child into a nursery